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Nardia Panettiere, Founder & Designer

Nardia Pannettiere - A Designer of High End Couture Dresses posing with her works

Nardia is an Australian high-end fashion designer, part of Brisbane’s emerging ‘next Gen’ makers. She has participated in acclaimed Queensland fashion runway events including the Townsville Fashion Festival and the renowned Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival.

With a remarkable European influence, Nardia’s designs are inspired by her personal experiences around the world, where she carefully selected every single material to reflect a distinct style, elegance & sophistication.

Nardia Panettiere provides a high-couture experience in every stage of the creation process to ensure your gown is the centre-piece of your style.

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By Dinushka Gunasekara
July 2020 Issue

In a swirl of delicately sweeping tulle and exquisitely intricate lace lies Nardia Panettiere Couture. If you’ve ever wondered where swoon-worthy dresses are born, then look no further because the woman of the label takes them from sketch to seams.

“I provide a high-couture experience in every stage of the creation process to ensure your gown is the centerpiece of your style,” Nardia says. Dressing brides all the way from the aisle to their wedding night, Nardia meets each custom piece with elegance, sophistication and a distinct style. Her stunning skills also extend to bridesmaids, formal garments and designer evening gowns for every body, style and event.

Nardia’s infatuation with fashion was fostered by her now passed nanny, who welcomed her home after school each day with a freshly knitted scarf, beanie or bundles of crafty work. “To this day I use her little gold bird scissors with her jade keyring attached,” Nardia says. “She is with me cutting that last fine piece of thread and ensuring perfection until the final hour.”

Nardia’s dedication and talent has taken her work to the Townsville Fashion Festival and Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, as well as to the behest of 9News presenter, Samantha Heathwood, who she dressed for the 2019 Logie Awards. Her couture climb was set to continue with a showcase in Milan and NYC Fashion Week, but the pandemic put those plans on hold. However, that didn’t stop the stellar designer who used the time to plan for the future and pivot to the virtual realm for her clients. “My mentor told me to make my faith bigger than my fear,” Nardia says.

Within her complimentary one-on-one planning sessions valued at $150, Nardia will listen to your inspiration and ideas, guiding them into creation with shapes, silhouettes and her expert design input. Her style and yours will combine in French laces, lavish European fabrics and handsewn beading, and she even uses the remainder of the stunning fabric to create a free garter, complimenting your dress with a touch of hidden luxury.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2018
Townsville Fashion Festival 2018
Logies 2018
Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival 2017
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